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  • HCPC Registered Psychotherapist
  • Schema Therapy
  • EMDR
  • BABCP Accredited Psychotherapist

PLEASE NOTE: Acceptance of new referrals have been temporarily stopped until further notice.

Helpful Links and Resorces

Disclaimer: I have put the following links in good faith, with the intention that they might be useful for some people. I do not carry responsibility for the links’ content. Please follow the links below and make your own judgement on their usefulness in your circumstances. 

Free online CBT Resources: PTSD  / Different Types of Depression 

Apps for Good Mental Health: Mindfulness: HeadSpace / Stop, Breathe & Think App / 

Free NHS Courses available for Cwm Taff residentsStress Control Course / Mindfulness Course / Self-Help Apps

Therapeutic Animations: Depression / PTSD Nightmares / 

Podcasts: Mindfulness1 / Midfulness2 / 

Nightmares: From Nightmares to Peaceful Sleep

Free Apps for both military and civilian population: Mindfulness Coach / STAIR Coach / ACT Coach / PTSD Coach / CBT-i Coach (insomnia) / COVID Coach

(Although the following Apps are created for military personnel, most of them are fully applicable for civilian population. Feel free to explore and make your own judgement. Some apps are available only in Apple store where others are available on Google Play store)

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