Caring for my community

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Helpful Links and Resorces

Disclaimer: I have put the following links in good faith, with the intention that they might be useful for some people. I do not carry responsibility for the links’ content. Please follow the links below and make your own judgement on their usefulness in your circumstances. 

Free online CBT Resources: PTSD / Variety of Mental Health Symptoms / Different Types of Depression / 

Apps for Good Mental Health: Mindfulness: HeadSpace / Stop, Breathe & Think App / 

Free NHS Courses available for Cwm Taff residentsStress Control Course / Mindfulness Course / Self-Help Apps

Therapeutic Animations: Depression / PTSD Nightmares / 

Podcasts: Mindfulness1 / Midfulness2 / 

Contact me to receive advice and guidance about my psychotherapy services.