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  • HCPC Registered Psychotherapist
  • Schema Therapy
  • EMDR
  • BABCP Accredited Psychotherapist

PLEASE NOTE: Acceptance of new referrals have been temporarily stopped until further notice.

Training in Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy requires ongoing close assessment and supervision, which I am happy to provide for a cost-effective price. With a vast range of experience in the industry, I am a fully qualified teacher with more then 198 hours of training in Pedagogy. I will support you in your training needs alongside University provider to make sure you're trained to the highest standards, which places you on the right path for future CBT accreditation.   

Supervision is offered on One-to-One basis via Zoom or Microsoft Teams Video Conference

British Association for Behavioural & Cognitive Psychotherapies. Please make sure to visit: 


If you are a BABCP Trainee, please check your Student Handbook for Supervision Recommendations. Some training providers recommend that you have supervision every two weeks / one hour each session to support your training needs.

Teaching is My Passion

CBT supervision is a field that I am heavily interested in, as teaching has always been a passion of mine. To make sure that I am doing my best, I also started working towards BABCP Accreditation as a CBT Supervisor and Trainer. This is expected to be achieved in 2020. 

If you’re looking for a CBT supervisor, there is a requirement for your supervisor to be a BABCP accredited practitioner, yet I feel that working towards BABCP supervisor accreditation adds to the process. As long as your supervisor is a BABCP Accredited Cognitive Therapist, you should be in good hands.

However, supervisors are like teachers. Some, you get on great, and others you would rather never meet again. My advice, if you don’t feel supported during your supervision, move on and find somebody else. The learning process needs to be satisfying and fun; being stressed during your supervision will cause unnecessary delay in your progress. Shop around!

If you are working towards BABCP Accreditation after you finished your training, please make sure your familiarise yourself with ‘At a Glance Checklist of Requirements for Provisional Accreditation’ document available at BABCP site.

Important Information to meet BABCP accreditation requirement:

  • You have been supervised for 8 clients with three different clinical presentations;
  • Out of 8 clients: 4 clients must be marked as case studies & 3  audio/video assessed clients in line with Cognitive Therapy Scale -Revised requirements;
  • Minimal hours of supervision is 40 with 200 clinical hours supervised;
  • You have to submit 12 months of ongoing supervision log if you had a break in your practice.

(BABCP) The Leading Organisation for CBT in the UK and Ireland:


Contact me to discuss the CBT qualification and supervision process in detail.